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Need Experience You Can Trust?

If you want an experienced, qualified, unbiased advocate, SAKE SECRET can help.


Sake brands and distributors offer advice and may loan their specialists to you for an event, but you can only expect them to promote the labels they offer, regardless of quality or what suits your guests best.

Who is Sake Secret?

An affordable alternative to hiring a full-time Sake Sommelier.


I'm Greg Beck, your very own Sake Sensei!

I created SAKE SECRET to help you unleash the full potential of Sake.

I spent years developing a passion and understanding of Sake. During that time, I realized most businesses, staff, and consumers miss out on all the ways we can profit from Sake. 

You don't need to serve Japanese food.

You don't need to be fancy or expensive.


Whoever your customers are, SAKE SECRET can help you deepen or expand your options and opportunities.


Are you missing out?

Sake availability is constantly changing.

New brands and labels come out every season.

The time to get educated and make the most out of buying, selling, pairing, and enjoying this one-of-a-kind Japanese beverage is now! 

Sake is an exciting, innovative, growing market of craft alcohol.

Like craft beer, Sake has mass producers, small-batch craft brewers, and everything in-between. Each have their own merits and stories.


SAKE SECRET can show you the difference and which Sake work for you.

IMG_20180911_183326 (1).jpg

Does Sake Seem too Complicated or Confusing?

There is no end to how deep you can go with Sake.

If you want, SAKE SECRET can guide you there.


For most people, Sake only requires some basic demystifying to start buying, selling, pairing, and enjoying it.  




- Event planning

- Staff training

- Custom menu building 


Want to throw a surprise dinner party for a Saké-lover?


Need to offer Saké at a wedding or other special event? 


SAKE SECRET can help with any special occasions.

Have a Question or Want to Set Up a Free Pre-Consultation?

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