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Welcome to SAKE SECRET

L.A. County's premier retail Sake Shop.

Come to downtown Long Beach, where an exquisite journey into the world of Japanese sake awaits! Sake Secret is a one-of-a-kind destination where you can SHOP, SIP, and LEARN.

This haven for sake enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike celebrates the timeless artistry of Japanese sake-making.

What is Sake Secret?

SAKE SECRET offers you the unique chance to buy and taste different styles of sake, ask questions, and get real unbiased information. Unlocking all of Sake's "secrets", allowing you to order with confidence wherever you go.

You can also learn about food and Sake pairing - At our special Events  you can raise a glass to Sake's long history of tradition and innovation, while you relish in the profound connections that arise when cultures intertwine.

From the heart of Long Beach to the soul of Japan's Sake culture – this invitation to partake in a centuries-old legacy, passionately curated and brought to life within the walls of our humble Sake Shop is an experience you will want to keep coming back for more.

Subscribe to SENSEI'S CUP

SENSEI'S CUP is our free monthly newsletter.

In additions to sake recommendations (literally what Sensei has in his cup) you'll get to learn about how it tastes, how it's made, the brewery producing it, and food pairing suggestions.

You may also receive occasional emails with special information about local sake events, exclusive discounts, "meet and greets" with industry professionals visiting from Japan, and new product releases for sake coming to America for the first time!


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Contact Us

For questions regarding Sake Secret, Sake recommendations, or private events:

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