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Welcome to SAKE SECRET


We were successfully funded on Kickstarter! On November 13, 2022, 157 sake-lovers raised over $64k to help build a new brick-and-mortar SAKE SECRET location in Long Beach, CA and make craft Japanese sake
more accessible to all!

What is Sake Secret?

Does Sake seem Daunting or Confusing?

SAKE SECRET is LA County's only Sake Specialty Shop, offering bottles from 6 ounces to 60 at every price range.


In addition to buying and tasting different styles of sake, you can ask questions and get real, unbiased info.


Learn more about this unique beverage so you can order with confidence, unlocking all of sake's secrets.

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SENSEI'S CUP is our free monthly newsletter.

In additions to sake recommendations (literally what Sensei has in his cup) you'll get to learn about how it tastes, how it's made, the brewery producing it, and food pairing suggestions.

You may also receive occasional emails with special information about local sake events, exclusive discounts, "meet and greets" with industry professionals visiting from Japan, and new product releases for sake coming to America for the first time!


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Contact Us

For questions regarding Sake Secret, Sake recommendations, or private events:

Contact us using the button below,

DM @sakesecret on Instagram,

or email greg (at) 

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