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The Anxiety Around Sake

Does Ordering Sake Make You Feel Nervous?

There are so many kinds of Sake available. Brewing Sake is complicated. The flavors can be complex and nuanced. You deserve to feel allowed to ask questions. Don't give up!

Four Great Reasons Not to Feel Bad Next Time:

  1. You are not alone.

  2. Your last question about Sake probably wasn't answered well.

  3. Feeling responsible for not knowing is kind of you, but too hard on yourself.

  4. No one who really knows about Sake would judge you for not knowing.

Recently I led Sake tastings for two vastly different groups. One was a diverse group and held online, the other was mostly older, affluent, and in-person. Despite everything else being different, one thing was extremely similar: hesitancy to ask questions or share their opinions.

Even after coaxing and encouraging, many questions start with "This is probably wrong, but...." or "This is a terrible, stupid question..." Please believe though, it is always a good question. More than half of the people present are wondering the same thing. The other half haven't even thought of your question yet, and still learned something new too!

Forgive and Forget Your Worries

It's unclear where this feeling of failure-for-not-knowing comes from. Most Japanese people know very little about Sake, too! So, if you aren't from the country, don't speak the language, and haven't already studied or had an expert walk you through it, please accept this permission to be curious and excited to learn.

Those of us who do know Sake appreciate your curiosity and adventurous spirit. Your attention and willingness to explore something you may not like is brave and deserving of praise. Most importantly, not-knowing means you get to experience the joy of discovering a Sake you love for the first time. Like watching a classic movie or hearing a banging new song that gives you the chills.

Your future favorite Sake is waiting for you to find it. SAKE SECRET can help:

Get involved! Want to share your experience or ask a question? Read something that didn't make sense? Feel free to comment below, or continue the conversation on

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