• Greg Beck

The SECRET is Out!

Updated: Jun 30

I am so excited to start sharing the secrets of Sake with you!

But just who exactly am I?

My name is Greg Beck. In addition to drinking hundreds of Sake over the years, I am a certified Kikisakeshi (Sake sommelier), Shochu Advisor, Japan expert, spirit-lover, and fermentation nerd! I have studied Japanese language for over 16 years, and have more than a decade of experience working for Japan-related organizations. This includes government, non-profits, and private businesses such as exporters, importer-distributors, and Japanese restaurants, as a host, server, bartender, beverage manager, and of course sommelier.


There are two important reasons for sharing these credentials: First, I am proud of my accomplishments and second, if you are going to invest in Sake, you deserve to know that anyone claiming expertise can back it up, even if they are Japanese. Most people do not possess a deep understanding of Sake, regardless of where they are from - but sadly this can even includes some folks who sell Sake for a living. The passion to learn more about Sake should not stop at certification either. A true expert is a lifetime learner, and can always name a book they are reading or podcast they are following.

Both the availability and demand for Craft Sake in America have seen significant, sustained growth, but the market is not quite at the point where shops and restaurants can afford their own specialist, assuming they can find one. That's where SAKE SECRET comes in. If you have Sake questions, problems, goals, or aspirations, SAKE SECRET will provide more than just a passable solution. You will find the optimal solution, tailored to any criteria, with on-going support available and set at a price that leaves you feeling a sense of its great value.

Furthermore, as a website, SAKE SECRET will constant grow as a resource, reference, and place for inspiration. Check back frequently for new offerings, such as updates to this blog, courses, events, or the free demonstration menu already available.

Thank you for your time, attention, and passion for this incredible beverage.




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