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The SECRET is Out!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I am so excited to share the secrets of Sake with you! With this blog, I will talk about every aspect of enjoying Sake, as well as the challenges of serving and selling it in the U.S.

"Is this guy really an expert?" You might be wondering: "He's not even Japanese!" So please let me take this post to introduce myself:

My name is Greg Beck. I am not Japanese. But, I did live in Japan for six years. I also read and speak Japanese fluently, which I confess made becoming a Sake expert much easier.

Also, it might surprise you to learn the average American knows almost as much about Sake as the average Japanese person - not much.

In addition to being a certified Sake sommelier and Shochu Advisor, I also brew craft beer professionally.

I spent more than a decade working for Japan-related organizations. This includes the Japanese government and non-profits, as well as U.S. exporters, importer-distributors, and Japanese restaurants. I have worked as a host, server, bartender, beverage manager, and of course sommelier.

Ready to start serving Sake?

You deserve someone with expertise that will put your needs first. Sadly, not everyone who sells Sake knows or cares as much as they should. A true expert is a lifetime learner, studying the history and culture as well as discovering new trends and innovations. That is what sets SAKE SECRET apart.

Unsure about Sake's value?

For more than a decade, Sake sales in America have seen significant sustained growth. The biggest challenge is employee and customer education. If you have Sake questions, challenges, or aspirations, SAKE SECRET can provide the optimal solution, tailored to your criteria, with the option of on-going support available to you always.

Still not ready? will continue to grow as a resource and place for inspiration. Subscribe, or check back frequently for new offerings, such as updates to this blog, courses, events, and more...

Want to introduce yourself?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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